" We had an excellent experience with the Millfield family. We would rate them an A-1 company in a survey. Dave and Heather  were very professional and always there when we had questions. We could not have asked for better workmanship or materials used for building our new home.  Windermere is a beautiful community that is located closely to all of our conveniences. "

~John & Linda K. of Windermere

Hi Bob, 

We are residents of Windermere Drive, Palmyra and we just wanted to let you know how pleased we are about our new home.  We love it.  Everyone was so great with us.  Dave and Heather were wonderful.  Jennifer and Dan were exceptional.  No matter what we asked of them they came through.  

 You are very fortunate to have them working for you. We just wanted to share that with you.

 Have a wonderful day,

John & Linda

"My wife and I recently moved to Wilson Place,” says new resident Scott Fremont. “We were tired of the big house with pool and looking for a home that was close to the city and all the associated amenities.

“Wilson Place meets all of those needs. We love walking our dog around the neighborhood and sitting on our beautiful screen porch in the evenings. We’re five to ten minutes from nearly everything we need,” he says. “We could not be happier with the quality of our home. Millfield Construction created a wonderful design, and we were able to make a few adjustments to the plan to better suit our needs.”  

                                                                                                        ~Scott F. of Wilson Place


We love the appearance of Windermere and how it is laid out.  The overall feeling of the community is great, and the neighbors have been very welcoming!

The quality and workmanship of our home has been excellent.  Dan has been outstanding to work with and he continues to work with us with any concerns or issues.

The entire closing experience went extremely well.  Heather, Martha, and Dan were extremely accommodating in working with us, as we were out of town for most of the entire building process.  They kept us informed, and scheduled inspections and closing around our schedule.  Their flexibility during the process is much appreciated!  Overall, we love our home!

 ~ Bill & Judy S. of Windermere


"We had an excellent overall experience with Millfield. From Heather (the sales agent), to our walk thru before settlement, the workmanship, materials and the appearance of Windermere. Heather and Dave were always available to answer questions and help with concerns."

~Richard & Michelle Y. of Windermere

wells   totaro

"The name “Windermere” deliveries an air of significance. The neighborhood is quiet, safe, tax friendly, eye catching and with additional landscaping in common areas will become a true showplace. We are very close to grocery shopping and a new public library. The development is within 6 miles to a wide selection of churches, restaurants and many other Hershey attractions. You are 3 hours to New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and D.C.  Amtrak and the Harrisburg International Airport is close by. Millfield as a developer of communities and a builder of homes was quality throughout their entire organization. The level of flexibility to design changes was a very good experience. We are extremely pleased with the total workmanship, quality of construction/materials and the overall details provided. The management team was excellent to work with. Millfield exceeds expectations in service to its customer. Millfield is a company I feel most comfortable with in recommending to others for home construction. 

~Joseph & Gay W. of Windermere

"I would have to say the overall experience with Millfield has been very positive. They were very flexible and there were many options to choose from. They seem very focused to please the customer and the quality of materials and workmanship was exceptional. There is attention to detail and we are very pleased. This was our expectation for an upscale community.  Our sales agents were great. They were very pro-active, professional and patient. If they did not have an answer, they found it. The overall appearance of the community is beautiful and the landscaping is very complementary. The only inconvenience at this point is the walk to the mailbox. We are used to door or sidewalk delivery. The delivery of the home and orientation went very well. We had 2 walk-through’s and every concern was addressed. At time of orientation, everything was fully explained.  Those items that were not addressed at the time or on back-order will be taken care of.” 

~Mark & Barbara T. of Windermere


tilley   singel

                                                                                             "Our sales agent was an extremely knowledgeable resource,  responsive and pleasant. She was thorough in ensuring all of questions were answers. Windermere is accessible to many things nearby as well as access to The Hershey/Palmyra area. The standards Millfield uses in home construction is top quality. Our home is very "tight", maintaining an even temperature and is exceptionally quiet. We do not hear our neighbors nor nearby traffic. Everything is solid and we love the layout/design. The home orientation process was very well done. It exceeded our expectations. Our experience with Millfield has been great. Everyone was customer-service oriented, flexible and responsive. The builder was great in incorporating some of our desired design features from the outset. It was evident that the Millfield Team wanted to ensure that we had a positive experience and that ultimately we become happy customers. Thanks to everyone for all that you did and continue to do!" 

Steven & Linda T. of Windermere


"The materials used in our home are excellent and the workmanship is great. Our sales agent was professional and it was great working with Millfield. The appearance and conveniences of Windermere are great." 

Mark & Jacqueline S. of Windermere

morrison    riggs

"The Millfield sales agent was very helpful. Arbors has a very homey feel and the neighbors are very welcoming. The Association maintains the common area to a high standard. I love how convenient it is to Routes 30 & 283. Our overall sales experience was a good one."

~Jane & Wyatt M. of Arbors                                   


                                                                                           "Purchasing from Millfield was certainly a pleasant experience. The home quality is very apparent. Millfield offers a friendly service. The delivery of our home was well done and very comprehensive.”We are very pleased with the neighborhood. It is very lovely and convenient to the things we like. Everyone has been very welcoming."

~Mary Ellen & Randy R. of Arbors

glass   lewis 

"Millfield was wonderful to work with. They made everything extremely easy. The Brighton neighborhood is safe & friendly and convenient to everything which is wonderful. When looking at other homes in different developments they didn't compare to their building standards. During my Home Orientation the Millfield staff showed me everything. I am handy and know much of this but now I know exactly where things are located in the house. They even noticed and corrected on the spot a few things that I didn't see. It was fantastic. Overall the Millfield representatives are wonderful people to work with and will definitely recommend this community to my friends."

~Linda G. of Brighton


"The sales agent was a total gem. I like the appearance of the community very much and my cat is very happy here indeed. The workmanship has been pretty good and the home seems very well insulated. Overall my experience has been very good indeed."

~Elizabeth L. of Arbors. 

zipser  ed n charles 

                                                                                                          "Arbors is the best place we ever lived. Convenient to everything and the neighbors are wonderful."

~Kathy & Randy Z. of Arbors

"Why would you want to live anywhere else? A great sense of community and friendship."

~Ed & Charles of Arbors

clingan  patschke 

"We love it here! You’re close to the Health Campus, Park City and Routes 283 and 30. We are very pleased with Millfield’s professionalism, quality of work and integrity. The neighbors are great and Arbors is one of the friendliest places we’ve ever lived. If you’re looking to downsize, right size, or just simplify your life, then Arbors is for you."

~Barbara & Tom C. of Arbors

"Brighton left us breathless by the tree lined streets, lovely homes, attractive common areas, nearby healthcare, shopping, entertainment, and a movie theater. Everything we need to retire comfortably. The home building process was smooth and on schedule. The community is full of the kindest, most caring and thoughtful people."

~Sandy & Tim P. of Brighton

collier  rappuchi 

"We couldn’t be happier..."

~Jim & Jami C. of Brighton


"I would recommend Brighton. It is a place that is compatible to the young and the old. We lived all over the country and we have never had so many wonderful neighbors. Brighton is a very social and active community and it gives us a great sense of belonging."

~Joe & Jane R. of Brighton