Based in Lancaster, Millfield has been a developer of distinctive residential neighborhoods in South Central Pennsylvania since 1987.

Millfield neighborhoods are home to individuals and families who desire an elegant yet convenient lifestyle that affords them the freedom to engage in endeavors they find most rewarding.
Our slogan encompasses the following:

Freedom from exterior property chores
To pursue professional endeavors, enjoy leisure activities, spend quality time with family & friends, travel, or just relax without the incessant demand of exterior property chores.

Peace of Mind
Associated with the peace of mind and security of a caring and private neighborhood.

Freedom to interact to the extent desired
To interact, to the extent desired, in a friendly, demographically diverse social environment.

Freedom to express your individualism
Of creating their own unique living environment by customizing our imaginative, refreshingly open floor plans and the quality of living space that is built into each Millfield home.



Our neighborhoods:

Each Millfield neighborhood has its own unique identity and sense of place which fits the individualistic purchasers to whom we cater. Our innovative neighborhoods are designed around features that make them special and serve to promote interaction among neighbors of varying demographic backgrounds.

Our neighborhoods are designed to be frugal in their use of land and mindful of the environment. Millfield was founded on the conviction that growth does not need to occur at the expense of our rural countryside, and we consider it our mission to work towards controlling suburban sprawl and protecting our habitat so that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauties of the earth, as we do today.

Our homes:

Our home designs are constantly evolving to reflect the input we receive from our customers, as well as, fresh design trends that will make them more appealing to tomorrow’s Purchasers. We offer numerous styles of homes, each with a considerable array of customizing options that can be selected to create a home that fits each Purchaser’s particular needs.

Our Customers:

We are proud to have earned a reputation for catering to the Individualist.

We understand that our Customers are unique with distinct and sophisticated tastes and requirements. In our Millfield Class neighborhoods we offer, at no additional cost, an exclusive custom design package where a Millfield designer will work with you to design a customized home plan that best matches your individual preferences. This is another dimension of our slogan
as it reiterates our eagerness to assist our customers fashion a new lifestyle through a rewarding home purchasing experience.

Commitment to customers is a guiding principle through every facet of our organization at Millfield. We know that our success hinges on our customers’ success in achieving their desired lifestyle.

Our Family:

Our “Millfield Family” is composed of a dedicated team of professionals who are organized along the lines of a family, who all directly benefit from the company’s success and who are committed to our purpose at Millfield, as well as, to the following common set of principles known as “The Millfield Family Values”:

* We are committed to our customers.
* We strive for excellence in everything we do, to the last detail.
* We work together in an environment of teamwork and trust.
* Each individual employee is a valuable member of the family.
* We conduct our business with integrity.
* We are committed to the communities where we work.
* We respect the Earth.